Two regional “rings ” led by Washington: Transatlantic partnership and Transtikhookeanskoe partnership.
Sense — to move to create huge new markets without participation in them China, Russia and rest states BRICS.
According to some experts, unification markets the US and EU already in harebrained term would lead to the repeal their currencies — respectively, dollar and the euro — with transition on a new transatlantic currency. This will help immediately bounce all debts, (in dollars and the euro, and start a new economic expansion.
Thus, happens trade and economic consolidation countries “gold billion ”, which inevitably complicate opportunities economic development all“ external ” for “billionaires ” countries — China, Russia, other“ kak ” in economic terms states.
Conclusion emerges one — Obama needs realize this its doctrine “two rings ”, thanks to which he can kill immediately several birds with one stone:
Shake American economy at the expense European and Asian markets;
Bounce the dollar and start game with a new currency and with sheer folly;
Challenge China, in particular, and BRICS, in a whole;
Consolidate unstable global leadership the US.

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