I've played this game back, when it was released, as a Lawful Good Christian. I am not sure if it were bugs or bad decisions from my side, but I ended up in a pitiful situation... I got stuck at a point, when ghost armies infinitely spawn outside London. I didn't recieve any quest objectives form the respective chapter. I conquered every kingdom, but still didn't get any objectives or quests. Many turns later objectives from the next chapter started to appear. After choosing Lancelot over Mordred, the latter attacked my kingdom with 2 stacks of doom. With one of my armies still defending London against spooky ghost armies, I could not put up a resistance, so I gave up at that point.
Several years later I am determined to finish this game. What are your advices for Good Old Faith playthrough? Should I simply declare war on kingdoms, when I see it fit? I mean, there are certain quests and events, which set the narratvie for your conquest, guide you towards certain goals. Wouldn't total-war-style warmongering spoil scripts and events in my campaign?

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