I need some help testing out my new SS 2 Dedicated Server Utility. I'm pretty much finished with the important stuff and need to make sure that it works for everyone.

About the utility:

It's similar to Serious Runner for Sam FE and SE. For those who aren't familar with Serious Runner, it's basically a user friendly interface that generates cfg files for a dedicated server, then starts the server.

Mine takes it a bit further than that, I've also incorporated another program I've been working on, a Remote Console utility for SS 2, and that allows the utility to communicate with the server. If you've ever hosted a SS FE or SE dedicated server you know that you can't enter any commands or change anything unless you use the RCon utility, or are playing on the server, and that kind of makes running and maintaining a dedicated server a serious pain in the ass. This hasn't changed with SS 2.

Also, if it crashed you had to manually restart the server. Unless you used Pisser's server scripts or created your own.

So, what does it do exactly?

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