You can use up and down arrows to see previously used commands. You can use PageUp/PageDown keys to scroll view (to see previous messages). If you scrolled back the console, it will not scoll automatically when new messages are added (not even if you close and open it again): you have to scroll it to the bottom (to the last line), and it will return to act normally (showing the last messages as they are added). You can use Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End keys to reach the top and the bottom of the log immediately.

You can use the "tab" key to autocomplete some commands. For example, if you write /map and press tab, you will see there is also a command called map_restart; if you write \map_r and press tab, the command will be completed to \map_restart; if you write \map a and press tab, you will see the list of all the maps where the name begins with "a".

Writing a variable name without setting its value will return the present value, and often also its "default" value. Warning: you should check default values after starting a match... if you check them from main menu, before having entered a match, previous value stored in your config file may be erroneusly indicated as "default" one, and some variables could even be referred as not existent.

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