king arthur 1, for me. The second one is ok, i guess. But it's a totally linear story. And in the first one you could put together armies with more diverse spell combinations. KA2's Interface is clunky (mind you KA1's is not brilliant either), and the game is just not as fun. The whole 'magic shield' business is rubbish. Whoever thought that up needs their head examined. It sucks all the fun right out. It means the spellcasting side of the game (which was the most fun part in the first game for me) is 90% battering enemy shields, and boosting your own....instead of damage dealing. Which is what we want, right? KA2 has some nice angels / dragons. But that's about it. And in terms of gameplay, that really becomes a very superficial bonus. KA1 was just way more fun as a game. Oh, and performance in KA2 is really bad. I have a good PC, but need to run everything on minimum to get half-decent performance.

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