Ever want to be a published author?
I am looking for people who will volunteer to write scenarios for several upcoming projects that are in the works.
I hesitate to mention them because it would build up false hopes--I just do not think that random promises have value
or rather, the value is outweighed by the frustration when they are not out soon enough to satisfy needs and wants.
You will be sworn into secrecy and either given an asignment or submit several ideas you have on your own.
It comes with personal oversight by e to help you improve your work. If you are a starter but not a finisher then at some point it may just be taken over by someone to finish it, but you get credit of course. Likewise if you are a finisher but not a starter--we always need help in fleshing and rounding out half-finished material.
Payment in your name in the book as a contributor and a PDF and one paper copy of the product, and the everlasting fame of being published
You will learn that this is not an impossible task, just difficult

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