Hardware and Software: Hardware and Software have an important role in Hacker-Forever that are useful for defending against attacks as well as going on the offensive. New hardware unlocks as your level increases, and you can choose from CPUs, RAM, size-able HDDs, and Mainboards (motherboards) that help increase your chances of hacking as well as defending against attacks. The software shop has an extensive menu of tools and hacking tools available to the player, with more tools unlocking as level increases. A few of the tools that are useful to the player are System Logs and "Server Sniffers", System Logs allowing you to track if you have been hacked as well as the IPs of the players who attempted to hack you but have failed. Server Sniffers allow you to view the internet to purchase/view server blocks on the internet, as well as get the IPs of servers that currently exist. (they can be hacked too!) 3 Firewalls at increasing levels help deter attacks against your system so you can be on the offensive longer and bring destruction against your enemies. A few of the Hacking Tools available are Connection Destroyers (they kick your opponent offline for varying amounts of time so you can target other players without having too many people hitting you at once), Money Steal Trojans which steal the other players money, Remote HDD Destroyers (commonly known as RHDs which destroy the HDDs of your enemies taking all their software with it), Brute Force Password Crackers (BFPCs which allow you to hack servers throughout the game so you can take them for yourself or give them to your friends) and many more!

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