kay so im having a problem with one of the timed quests that appear on the main campiagn map, namely, A Conflict of Lords... in which a family of knoghts loyal to the Pendragons are having trouble with the local lords and ask for Arthurs assistance. i roll up and give thease ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s 6k Gold and a Ring of Devotion i just found... adding up to enough credit to get me some badass units and supposed to net me the Lords Daughter and their Houses artifact... got the troops but no Damsel and no artifact reloaded bout 5-6 times to try differant combos of gold and stuff even waited an extra 2 seasons, still no girl and aritfact. anybody know how to solve this? otherwise its just some decent units for 6k and a ring.

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